“I went from dreaming about establishing a business to making that dream a reality!”

I was looking to determine wheather I had a viable business idea. Simona provided me with a strategy to develop my idea, showed me how to hone in on my ideal client and rid me of any fear that was holding me back from starting my business.

I went from dreaming about establishing a business to making that dream a reality! The ultimate benefit was to bring my vision to frution and actually take steps towards accomplishing it.

If you're looking for someone to be honest with you about your goals someone to help you get past your fears, and to give you the push you need to create the business of your dreams , then Simona is the one to connect with!

Trish Karakochuk, Founder, DoBeLearnMore.com
Wynard, Saskatchewan, Canada

“I overcame my fear of not being enough.”

Before we started I felt overwhelmed and insecure, I knew I wanted to help my business grow but I didn't know what to do exactly. We worked deeply on my desires, my fears, my limiting beliefs. Simona helped me set my goals and find what my next steps are. Our sessions also helped me to become more aware of my value and how I differentiate myself from my competitors. Now I feel I have the right tools and the right confidence to move forward. I feel more focused and know what to do next. I've overcome my fear of "not being enough".

Antonella Cafaro, Owner, Assistenza Virtuale, Bologna, Italy

“Simona helped me get really clear on my offer

and now my business is taking off!”

Before, I was way too broad in my offer, feeling like there were so many things I could help my target market with. I was able to easily see what I'm GREAT at doing and LOVE to do and it all suddenly made sense and became so much easier.  It really started with Simona asking me to think about the 3 things that I'm truly great at. This changed EVERYTHING for me.  My package became more specific and easier to talk about and people started knowing who to refer to me and my confidence went through  the roof!  I've created my signature program and my business is now taking of.

Darla Delayne, Life & Business Coach

“I know that I’m ready to stand out in the business and life of my dreams.”

After doing my first summit, I felt scared to put myself out there to the world. I had a lot of limited beliefs about myself and lacked confidence. Simona worked with me to help me see that some of my beliefs were not really real but in my mind. She helped me see that I can make my business a reality. After working with her I took a big leap forward and actually quit a job that was holding a lot of negative energy knowing that I am ready to stand out in the business and life of my dreams.

Lisa Tyhulski Nutritional Consultant/Weight Loss Coach, Sun City, California

“I feel confident that I can succeed.”

Before I worked with Simona, I was very confused and felt overwhelmed and frustrated. I didn't understand why I wasn’t getting results despite much of my effort, especially online. Afterwards, I had clarity around what I needed to do and how to take the next step. I felt like I had made a breakthrough after many months of bumbling around. Now I feel confident that I can succeed. I loved working with Simona because she walks her talk. I felt that our values resonated which is very important for me. She knows her stuff and presents it in a professional and positive manner, which helped to boost my confidence and my belief in my ability to succeed and most importantly I learned how to present my offer to my clients so that they engage with it.

Trilby Johnson, Author, Body Energy Alchemist, New Zealand

“Simona helped me come out of hiding and crate a beautiful online presence that I was proud to share with my community. I am now attracting new clients and leads through social media. Just in the last week I attracted more new leads than I have all year!”

Simona's knowledge and resources are powerful. She understands the ins and outs of marketing and will give you the tools you need to feel confident and put yourself out there.

We set up an online marketing plan and each week I got clearer on how to hone in on my message, get my online systems and structures in place so that I could start putting myself out there and attract clients.

I did my first branding photo shoot, got clear on my message, started building my list, writing captivating weekly newsletters and established my online presence all within 3 months of us working together.

I was transitioning into my new business and was afraid to be visible on Facebook and within my personal community.  Simona helped me come out of hiding and in a matter of 2 weeks I was able to increase my Facebook Company page likes by 300%.

What I loved about working with Simona was how supportive and encouraging she is. Every session ended on a high note! She helped me bust through my blocks and resistance. The result was transforming and better than I could have imagined.

Roxie Sakura Wallis – Vocal & Success Coach, Los Angeles, California

“Professional and top notch! Sound marketing and coaching advice without the woo-woo. Down to earth, understandable advice given with a gentle touch.”

One of the best attributes of Simona’s coaching is her ability to deeply listen. From that place of listening, she guided me on many aspects of promoting and running my yoga business.

I was especially impressed that she was able to adjust the focus of our final session, when, in-the-moment, I realized my priorities had shifted from what we had projected from our previous session.

We worked on promotional strategies to attract and engage more students; class/course offerings, social media outreach, my website re-design, branding, and positioning myself within the competitive market of teaching yoga.

Simona really helped reinforce that what I had to offer as a teacher and as a yoga studio owner was unique, had value, and contributed to the well being of others. I gained clarity on the next steps I needed to take and the resources I can use to grow my business.

Arielle Thomas Newman, MA, E-RYT 500, Founder, Yoga By The Sea -Playa del Carmen, Mexico

“I would recommend Simona’s coaching methods to anyone who has just started to take their first tentative steps into the brave new world of business ownership.”

From the start I felt like Simona ‘just got me’ and so we were able to establish a clear direction for all our sessions.

She helped me identify my target audience as well as understand that sometimes if you have attracted the wrong audience to your business you need to cut yourself some slack and realise, it’s not you or your product that is missing the mark. In effect ‘it’s not you, it’s them’.

Simona was directed me to online advertising tools, which maximized my limited budget which I would have been unaware of on my own.

When things seems to be going a bit wrong in my business, Simona remained calm and walked me through some simple steps of outsourcing tasks so that I could free up my time for the money-making activities in my business.

Her  practical advice helped me to stop spinning my wheels, congratulate myself on the advances I had made since day one and enjoy the journey.

Gayle McMartinHulme, Owner, Like Your Fitness, Glasgow, United Kingdom

“It’s apparent that Simona genuinely cares about her clients and knows how to get them to the next level in their business – and that’s a winning coach in my book!”

When I first connected with Simona, what stood out to me right away was that she was genuine - a kind, but no-nonsense coach. I believe that as an entrepreneur, what you need in a coach is that delicate balance between sincere empathy and an guidance for results.

Simona Ksoll has that rare gift of being both - a teacher and an empath, with an ear for your troubles and laser guidance for your success. She makes you feel understood and valued, but she also propels you to keep moving forward. She asks the hard questions and then provides specific, actionable advice on what needs to be done.

When we started working together, I was having a hard time with the idea of "putting myself out there". I wanted to start a newsletter so I could begin to build and connect with my email list, but I had so many questions and fears around it. Simona gently guided me through the process and made it easy and fun!

She helped me through many such firsts in my marketing efforts and the experience was always positive, encouraging, and productive. It's apparent that Simona genuinely cares about her clients and knows how to get them to the next level in their business – and that's a winning coach in my book!

Yelena Jackson – Founder/President, The School of Fabulous, Springfield, Virginia

“I’m finally putting systems in place in my fitness business, so I can move forward into my new role as an empowerment coach.”

We worked on discovering why I was in such a tizz about which way to move my business and whether my original direction was actually the right move or not.  I was in need of gaining clarity around what I wanted to do and just kept feeling blocked and quite honestly, fed up with not knowing what to do. I was getting really lazy about certain aspects of my current business because I had fallen out of love with it.

Simona kept bringing me back to the WHY. She  enlightened me on this being a block and that I needed to look at why it was there. I realized that this was simply a stepping stone to get to where I want to be.  The road is simple but not necessarily easy.  There are things that I need to do (that are quite frankly boring) that will push me to where I truly want to be.  She made me realize that my options were far wider reaching than what I had originally thought was my direct path.

I now know exactly where I need to work on gaining more clarity.  I now know that I need to revisit my true desires.

Thank you Simona you were simply great.  I'm not even sure what I wanted from our time together originally but now I am back working on putting systems together in my fitness business so I can move forward into my new role as an empowerment coach.

Julie Regan, Owner Pilates Fitness West Sussex & Women's Empowerment Coach, Petworth, United Kingdom

“I’m back on track with completing my music and manage to stop myself whenever I see myself making excuses.”

Our Power Strategy session was amazing and your insights definitely resonated with me. Your ability to get me right to the "spot" in such a short time is definitely a wonderful gift, one which few people have, or share, and I felt honored that you took the time out to serve me in this way. To see so quickly what I had been running from and my repeating pattern, in such a short period of time was fantastic! Also to feel myself acknowledging the sorrow this pattern had caused me in my body was quite a wake up call! I am now back on track with completing my music and manage to stop myself whenever I see myself making excuses to do something else!

Jen Wilson, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Sound Healer, Bristol United Kingdom

“Simona gave me some awesome ideas that might have taken me weeks – even months to figure out.”

A huge SHOUT OUT to Simona Ksoll! She is an amazing marketing and branding coach for online and brick and mortar businesses. We had a super productive time together and she gave me awesome ideas that frankly might have taken me weeks - even months to figure out. RUN! Don't walk and ask her about how you can work with her!

Wendy Merron, Cert. Hypnotherapist, Instructor, & Coach