Simona Ksoll Coaching & Refund Policies

I so look forward to our time together and in order for me to best serve you and honor my commitment to you I have put the below policies in place to hold both of us accountable as we embark on this beautiful journey together.

A coaching relationship is a serious commitment for both the client and the coach. These polices ensure that we stay on track and are fully committed to do the transformational work in order to achieve the desired outcome.

I invite you to please read them carefully and let me know upfront, PRIOR to the start of your coaching package, if you have any questions.

Warm regards,




  1. No refunds or cancellation AFTER purchase of the program.
  2. Coaching packages are not transferable.
  3. In the event of interruption due to a major life event, no refunds will be granted but we will work with you to reschedule the sessions at a time that works for all.
  4. Clients on a payment plan agree to pay installments on the date they are due.
  5. Credit cards will be automatically charged on the agreed upon date and time.
  6. Clients agree to be proactive when needing to update credit card account information.
  7. Sessions will only be scheduled upon payment having been processed receipt of the signed client agreement and the fully filled out welcome packet.
  8. All sessions are to start and end on time, no exceptions. If client is late, the session will finish on time. Client is responsible to be available to start the session on time.
  9. All sessions will be pre-scheduled prior to coaching package starting to ensure timely completion.
  10. Rescheduling is available for a maximum of 2 sessions out of the 12 session package.
    Grounds for rescheduling: Major life event (wedding, grave illness, accident, hospitalization, birth of a child, death in family, travel)
  11. Requests to reschedule have to be received 24 hours prior to the start of the actual session.
  12. Rescheduling day of the session is only available in the event of a major live event or grave illness. If that is not the case same day reschedules are not possible and will be counted as an actual session.
  13. Reasonable email access is granted with a 24 hour turnaround throughout the duration of a coaching package.
  14. Emails that take longer than 10 minutes to answer will be booked as an additional session.
  15. All assignments will need to be completed on time and in full in order to complete the program successfully and on time.

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